Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crafty To-Do List

Ivwas working in my craft room this weekend.. making it usable... so you'll see a theme this week ;)

This crafty storage crate is a great idea!! Totally making one for my current crochet projects and my crochet hooks. I have a former roommate that left a milk crate behind a long time ago. This tutorial was posted by My Patchwork :

I'll admit, I saw this tutorial last summer, and already started it. But my to-do is to finish it! This thread holder by Sugar Bee Crafts is perfect for an organized craft room. The only thing left for me to do is glue the dowels in the holes... but i haven't touched it in a year. I am determined to finish that in the next couple weeks!

Ribbon storage...the eternal problem for me. I was thinking of doing something like this, but on a larger scale. Ribbon storage tutorial by Scrapmasters Paradise:

I actually might do this ribbon storage instead.... my hubby pointed out that I never sit at my desk to do hair clips... so it'd be better to just be able to grab the spools I need, and not have them on a dowel. This ribbon storage was on Nichole Heady's blog (Papertrey Ink).

I just have some paper filing to do and I can take pictures of my craft room. Still need to get a few more storage solutions, but it's definitely a functional room now! :)

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