Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Slice - Travel

I'm not a big fan of winter so I've been dreaming of traveling this week. Here's a few interesting things that I found. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Release!

Today we launched the froggy hat! Isn't it the cutest?

Frog Hat

Frog Hat

Frog Hat

You can get your very own froggy HERE, as well as many other great items.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Slice

Let's have a tea party!

I'm using a new program for these now. If you want to go to any of the items to see more, just click the picture!


Heather will be taking over this feature. She always picks the greatest things to share with me on Etsy! :) I can't wait to see her themes and items she picks every week!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lots of thinking time!

I've had more thinking time that normal lately. My wrists have been in pain due to too much time on the computer, so I can't spend too much time on here, or too much time doing a lot of my crafts (can still get away with some).

I really would like to put this blog to better use! I'm re-instating Saturday Slice, but my partner Heather will heading that up (I love the Etsy items she's sending me all the time!). That feature may be renamed... based on the day it is to be published on, but it will be back.... VERY SOON!

I also really want to start doing my Featured Artist Posts again. There's just SOOO much talent out there! And each artist is amazing in themselves! :) I want to share some of of the people I've been getting to know over the last year that I have been selling online.

Lately I've also been thinking of a brand new feature. :) I'm really excited about this venture... and perhaps may have some guest bloggers get in on it, we'll have to see. But, I'd like to also have a weekly feature that would feature a crafty tutorial on the web, and then photos of our creations based on that tutorial, and maybe and thoughts we had on it (because I know I always change a few things when following patterns or tutorials... I can't just follow things to a T).

I would love to hear any feedback on any of this!

I'm off to try to sleep, and hopefully tomorrow my arms/wrists will be rested, and ready for me to work.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Been Busy

(I apologize for the lack of posting.... I wrote this post January 2nd, and never posted it!!! Talk about brain freeze!)

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We sure did.

Now it's back to work, and lots of exciting reveals.

First off, we just launched a 2nd online shop!! Barefoot Clips, which remains under Barefoot Creations, now carries all our hair accessories and leg warmers. We were finding there was just TOO much for one shop, and decided to get a little more organized.

We, of course, will combine shipping costs between the two shops.

We also have some brand new products coming in the next couple of weeks, plus more variety within our existing products.

We've got TONNES of leg warmers in many different prints available:

Striped Infant Leg Warmers

Black with Teal and White Dots Baby Leg Warmers

Black, Green and Gray Baby Leg Warmers

We've also got much more variety in our hair clips and flower clips and combos:

Red Ladybug Clips

Red and White Flower Clips

Purple Glitter Butterfly Clip

Ice Cream Hair Clips

Coming soon are some new loveys, new clothing pieces, chalk placemats (recall these ones I made previously, I've fine tuned the design after some trial and testing):