Friday, September 30, 2011


This little beauty is such a time sucker! She would much rather smile and chatter than sleep during the day. She's such a little cat napper, she doesn't want to miss anything!


I'm starting to get a little time in the evenings to sew and crochet now (which is slowly bringing back my sanity).

I have several orders to complete... all are Works In Progress currently:

1. I'm doing this hat in a medium shade of pink for a young girl:

2. I'm doing this hat for a friend's little boy, but with earflaps, not just ties:

3. I'm doing this hat for another young boy:

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

4. Another hat I am just starting is this owl hat in pink, green and blue:

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

5. Finally, I've been doing a crochet-along for a granny square afghan:

Hoping to get #1, 2 and 4 done by Sunday, #3 by later next week.