Thursday, January 2, 2014


Can you believe it's the new year already?!

Apparently I have majorly neglected this blog…..  but it's over!   I am determined to keep it up to date this year, with a variety of different posts!

So watch for pictures of test patterns I'm doing, patterns of my OWN, crafty resolutions, and even the odd free mini pattern!

2013 was a great year for us, we were super busy creating fun and original works for our customers.   

2013 saw Heather returning to University (which she will continue in 2015), and saw a new addition to my (Tamara) family, but also was our best year financially for Barefoot Creations!

We want to thank each and every one of you for your support, whether through orders, words of encouragement, or even just liking the odd post on our business page (it's those likes that keep us motivated to create more!)  THANK YOU!

2014 we hope to see more growth, more creative ideas, and more friendships with our customers!

Personally, I've set a few crafty goals for 2014, which include releasing at least 10 crochet patterns (most of which I have in my notebooks, but I need to size them, test them and get them out there), creating an awesome women's line, and hopefully create some new "sets" for the shop.



This is the Vintage Inspired Flower Cloche, which is available for purchase in our Etsy shop in newborn through adult sizes.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Crochet Flower Pattern

I needed a flower for a hat I made for a special little girl... so while at the coffee shop yesterday, I made up this one. Thought I'd share, as I really like how it turned out.

Daffodilly Crochet Flower


Using my H (5.00) hook and worsted weight yarn:

Create magic loop

Round 1: 10 hdc's in magic loop, join to 1st hdc with sl st

Round 2: *ch3, sl st in next 2 hdc* repeat * to * 4 more times (makes 5 ch3's)

Round 3: sl st into first ch 3 sp, in same ch 3 space do the following: *sc, hdc, dc, trc, ch 3, sl st into 3rd chain from hook (creating point), trc, dc, hdc, sc*, repeat in the next and each ch3 space (creates 5 flower petals)

Working in front of the petals:
Round 4: in front of petals, *sc around cluster of stitches (post), ch 2*, repeat around circle, finish with sl st into sc around first post.





Round 5: Ch 1, sc in each stitch around. Fasten off, sew in ends, attach to hat, clip, or anything you need a flower for, shape inner circle to make it look tidier.

Finished size is 3.5 inches across.... you can make it bigger or smaller by changing the weight of yarn or hook size.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sneak Peeks

As I was busy with boys week, and now catching up on pending orders, I've had to put off pre-sales and launching quite a few designs. So here is some of the upcoming pre-sales.... so start thinking of colour combos if you are interested! I'll probably start pre-sales May 15, 1/day for a while... I just can't NOT share any longer.. been holding onto them for TOO long! (still naming and pricing... and I want to make a few tweaks on a few of them)

Headband/Earwarmer (pattern by Baca Creations)


Leg Warmers (pattern by Baca Creations)


Callie Cape and Hat (pattern by Cute & Crafty Crochet)


Callie Purse (pattern by Cute & Crafty Crochet)


Knit-Look Bonnet (pattern by Baca Creations)


Knight (pattern by Cute & Crafty Crochet)


Minnie Mouse Hat (pattern by Snappy Tots)


Shell Hat (pattern by Head Over Heels Designs)


Fox Hat (pattern by Sweet Kiwi Crochet)


Lace Up Baby Shoes (pattern by Baca Creations)


Cosmetic Pouch (pattern by Murmee's Which Crafts)


I have a few others that need rephotographing too... been busy! :)

Also, our next theme week will be May 26 - June 2nd (Pricing available until June 3rd). It'll be something summery/non-winter related...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A to Z Farm visit!

Yesterday Heather and I were honoured to get to visit A to Z Alpaca Farm with our girls. I'm in LOVE with their yarn.. if I could ONLY use that.. I'd be so thrilled! Alpaca yarn is some of the softest yarn you'll ever feel. More on that in a bit....

Leslie and her dad run A to Z Alpacas (along with her daughter Kayla) here in Southern Alberta, and it was wonderful of them to have us out (and on her dad's birthday even!). Leslie graciously put up with 2 very giggly girls (who thought saying "Alpaca Poop" was the most hilarious thing ever).

A to Z Alpacas has about 300 alpacas, and expect about 100 cria/babies this year.

Leslie hand dyes the yarns to sell, she also sells undyed yarn, and fibre. She will meet any of your alpaca fibre needs!

Leslie met us out on the driveway, and gave us tour of all the different areas of their farm. We started in the female enclosure. All the females and males had been freshly sheared:





Next we visited the males. Leslie explained that most of the males they left a little tuft of hair on their necks when shearing, so they can easily be recognized when they break into the females area (the boys have just as much roaming room as the girls, there was just a gathering of them at the fence, which made a perfect photo op).


We then moved onto the tamer alpacas, who hadn't been sheared yet. This is where the girls got to interact with them more. They had fun calling "Ally and Zaiden" and getting the attention from them all, as they all came over to meet us.










We then wandered over to the chicken coop... there were a couple escapees:


There were a few alpaca hanging out in the back yard as well:


Then we got to visit the bunnies:

Finally Leslie let us see her office/studio and we went yarn shopping (and we would have left with baskets full if it was in the budget!). We left with only 1 skein each... can't wait to use them!

Their website is very informative about raising alpacas, the process from shearing to yarn, and about the products.... You can read more about Leslie and her family's story HERE.

More about alpaca fibre and yarn:
-it is sooo soft (comparable with cashmere)
-doesn't feel pokey/itchy like other wools
-it's hypo allergenic and contains no lanolin
-it's warmer than sheep wool, but lighter weight
-water repellent and fire retardant
-wicks moisture away from skin, keeping you warm and dry
-so many other awesome benefits

I really think I'll be using it more in my creations, I just love it!

Want to know more about alpaca products? Get to know Leslie! :)

Here is where you can find her:

A to Z Website
A to Z Facebook
A to Z Twitter
A to Z Ravelry
A to Z You Tube

And don't forget her shops (just look at all that yummy fibre)!

A to Z shop
Etsy Shop

Thank you Leslie for taking time out of your busy week to show us around... we had a great time! :) Next time we'll have to try to visit while Kayla isn't at school.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Featured Shop

Today's featured shop is Parker & Posie (formerly known as Little Jumping Beans).

Parker & Posie is the shop of a wonderful and super friendly mom named Jaimie. She sews and sells baby shoes. They're not just cute, but super functional! I absolutely adore the shoes that she makes! They stay on the feet better than any other shoe I've found. We're on our 3rd pair for my youngest now, and I just love them!

Here's a few samples of her cute shoes:


Source: via Tamara on Pinterest


Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Mushrooms (these were the first pair we bought):

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

She even does personalized ones!:

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

See the cuteness?! She has options for soles, and for suede toes as well! How awesome is that?! :)

Here are a couple of our own product photos taken by Tammy Thomsen Photography that include some of Jamie's shoes (since my youngest lives in her shoes).



You can also purchase custom fitted crib sheets at Parker & Posie. Jaimie sewed me up a couple last year, and they are so well made! Far better than store bought and completely custom fabric (hello? Perfect matching nursery!)

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Her products are superior quality and super adorable. She also has FANTASTIC customer service! You have to check out shop out for your little ones, and her shoes make the BEST baby gifts :)

You can shop with Jaimie at:
Parker & Posie Shop

Facebook: Parker & Posie Facebook
Twitter: Parker & Posie Twitter