Monday, April 16, 2012

Headband Week Recap

Here is a recap of the headbands we launched on Headband week:

3 Strand Flower Headband:
P1030158 2_watermarked

Triple Stacked Hearts Headband:
P1030136 2_watermarked

Crown Headband:
P1030069 2_watermarked

Amigurumi Flower Headband:
P1030106 2_watermarked

Rainbow Headband:
P1030049 2_watermarked

Sports Visor:

P1030080 2_watermarked

Sunflower Headband:
DSC_6024 2_watermarked

All headbands are now available on Etsy:

I will be working on the patterns for a few of them, so watch for those soon!!

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