Monday, April 23, 2012

Boys Week Recap

Here is a recap of all the items we launched this last week:

1. Galilee Hat:
P1020986 (pattern by Mamachee)

2. Monster Hat:
DSCN1050 2_watermarked (pattern by Barefoot Creations)

3. Beaver Hat:
DSCN1086 2_watermarked (Pattern By Barefoot Creations)

4. Bow Tie:
P1030170 2_watermarked
(Pattern by Sweet Kiwi Crochet)

5. Half and Around Hat:
P1030127 2_watermarked (Pattern by Head Over Heels Designs)

6. Triceratops Hat:
P1030229 2_watermarked (Pattern by Micah Makes)

7. Skull and Crossbones Hat:
P1030240 2_watermarked (Applique Patter byMamachee)

8. Mohawk Earflap Hat:
P1030222 2_watermarked (Pattern by Barefoot Creations)

9. Red Angry Bird:
P1030318 2_watermarked
(Pattern by Snappy Tots)

10. Green Angry Bird:
DSCN1013 2_watermarked
(Pattern by Snappy Tots)

11. Spider Man Hat:
P1030267 2_watermarked
(Pattern by Barefoot Creations)

12. Minion Hat (1 eye or 2):
DSCN0988 2_watermarked
(Pattern by Pattern by Elizabeth Mohsin Lizzziee)

13. Buckle Brimmed Hat:
P1030254 2_watermarked (Pattern by Barefoot Creations)

14. Modern Loafer Slippers:
DSC_8228 2_watermarked
(Pattern by Holland Designs)

15. Captain America Hat:
P1030313 2_watermarked (Pattern by Snappy Tots)

That's right! 15 new designs available. I'm working on getting them all in the Etsy shop!

Boys week was a great success! Thank you all for your support!

We are planning our next theme week for May 26 - June 3rd.... Still debating between a few themes. Let us know what you might be interested in:

A) Footwear Week(slippers, sandals, baby shoes, and garden shoes)
B) Character Week (Favourite tv/movie characters)
C) Accessories Week (purses, jewellery, scarves...)
D) Other.... (give us another idea)

Give us some feedback!! :)

Here's one more hat that I had tried to get done for this week. I finished it Sunday, but then couldn't find what I needed to get it on the computer and posted in time. I will pre-sale it soon (once we're caught up on orders):



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