Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kid Craft Thursday?

Maybe a new feature? Kid craft Thursday. I enjoy crafting... but so does my 3 year old. She LOVES it! Since baby Julia was born though, we haven't been doing it as often as we'd like, since Julia's not the best napper. Today We did a craft though, for fall!

We created an autumn button tree!!

A while ago I had pinned these two projects:

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

I bought a few packs of buttons at the dollar store, and some mini glue dots, sort of thing (Wish I had just bought more Glue Dots instead... the ones from the dollar store were tedious to use, and Glue Dots on a strip would have been faster and easier).


First thing I did, while I got little miss to sort out the buttons by colour, was to cut out a tree out of construction paper, and glue it on a white paper. I should have brought up the pinterest pins I'd made, as using a canvas would have been so much better, and more keepable).



Then I put the sticky dot on the back and she stuck it to the paper.

I must admit, Julia had woken up from her nap and was crying, and the glue spots were getting tedious with trying to hold her and take them off for Paisley, so I put an end to the craft before we got it as "full" as she would have liked. Here is her finished tree:


An easy peasy project, that's fun and cute! I think we might do this one again, but with brand name Glue Dots, and on a canvas, with a painted tree (my construction paper tree was kinda gruff). I love the fall colours! I think when we redo it, I'd do 4 canvases... one for each season.. that could be fun. We could use green and pink buttons for the spring, multi shades of green for summer, fall in these colours, and then winter, a bare tree... with white and blue buttons on the bottom "ground". So much you can do with this idea.

What do you think... should we do a Kid Craft feature on here each week?

I need to get back into regular blogging, and hope to get back to Saturday Slice, as well. Life is kinda smoothing out now.... kinda...


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