Thursday, August 18, 2011

Custom Order

Christmas is coming!

A friend asked me to make an art tote for her niece for Christmas. I found an awesome tutorial on From An Igloo (lots of great tutorials there).

It holds 12 crayons (24 if tight), markers or 24 pencil crayons (with 2 in each slot, they won't slide out at all). There's also a spot to put a ruler and to carry a colouring book or sketch pad.

I just put a variety of colouring utensils in to display all the options. Isn't it adorable, and so convenient! Do you have a little artist in your life? I'd be happy to do a few more of these, they were fun and such a great idea!





*need to press this one more time before mailing it.. I was just eager to get pictures.

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