Friday, April 22, 2011

Can't believe I'm doing this!

I have a craft room! A luxury a lot of people don't have.

But I have a problem..... I can't use it!

You see that is the one room in the house that isn't functional.

When you come in my house... this is what you see.....


Yup, you can see my craft room from the front door.... I conveniently hide it behind a screen. It's my shame....

Take down that screen... and:




Yup.. I can't even walk 6 inches into that room.

I need help... I need motivation to tackle that room... so it can be functional, and a place that I can actually do my sewing and papercrafting!

Currently I have been sewing in the dining room:


I need to get my room organized and functional, so I can take down that screen, and proudly display my craft room to company. It takes me forever to get what I need when I need something from there.

So my goal over the next month or so, is to get it functional, and maybe even a little pretty. I used to be able to take my daughter in there to stamp and craft with me.... but now it's all done in the dining room....

Wish me luck..... and be thankful your craft space doesn't look anything like that!

I don't even keep my fabric in this room... it has shelves in the basement.... and that is just another area that needs to be tackled!

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  1. I can relate! I can still sew in mine, but it's a mess! I've been working on mine and as soon as I get the DH on it (it's also our office and he;s just finished his degree) I think it will get better! Good luck!