Monday, March 12, 2012

New products

I'm a little slow in posting this, I need to get in the habit of doing a blog post every time I post a pre-sale.

Here are a few of our newest products:

Amelia Cowl:


This cowl is SUPER comfy. It's like cuddling with a cloud. It measures approximately 30 inches around, and is 12 inches high. The height is great, and allows you to arrange the cowl in many different ways.

The texture of this cowl is perfect, bubbly and nobby, and provides more interest than just a plain ol' cowl. I am in love with these!



Can be made in almost any colour you'd wish for!

*this product is now available for sale on Etsy HERE

Pattern by Cute and Crafty Crochet:

Emily Headband:


This headband has quickly become a favourite in our house. Super comfy, and provides warmth on a cool or windy day. With the same texture as the Amelia Cowl, this headwrap is just gorgeous!






It has a button closure to allow for quick on and off, as well as more adjustability in length. Also allows for you to put it on and off without messing up you or your child's hair (always a bonus on the way to school/work).


This headband is available in baby, toddler, child, and adult sizes.

This is available for pre-sale on Facebook HERE.

Pattern by Cute and Crafty Crochet:

Coming soon:



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