Friday, July 8, 2011

Still waiting

Still waiting for this baby to arrive, we're 4 days late at this point.

It has freed up time to do a few projects I've been wanting to do, but putting off... just simple ones.

Last night I did letters for the girls' bedroom doors:


I still want to put another layer of seal on them before hanging them. Paisley picked both papers from a selection I pulled out for her.

This was a simple project, as I got the letters on clearance at Michael's, traced them on the paper, cut them out, and then modge podged them to the letters. Took all of 5-10 minutes, and each matches the decor of their rooms, sorta.

I also got t-shirts made for the girls last night. Wasn't sure what I wanted to do on them yet... something matchy, but wasn't sure. But since the Calgary Stampede started today, decided to go with a country theme. I decided to stencil them with fabric paint and freezer paper cut on my Cricut. Turned out cute:




While I had the Cricut out, I did up a shirt for my friend's baby boy:


Moose T

Also whipped up this new style of hat, which I'll be listing soon, for her new baby:

Aviator Bomber Hat

All in an evening's work. Felt rather productive last night.

This morning I started on inventory, and found a plethora of products that are complete and not listed yet. I've been fighting with my photo applications, and having difficulty getting things uploaded the last couple weeks.. but hopefully I can get most listed soon. I just have to do it in a really round about slow way... so it takes much more time to complete. You don't want to even know how long photos for this post took. There's a reason they're unedited.


  1. Hmm..."J."



  2. Melanie says. Hmmm....."J"...?? I agree with Dara. Can't wait for her arrival and also for the name to finally be revealed. Too bad I am not near Paisley. :o) Looks like you've been very productive. Looks lovely. Hope you are resting too cause that's gonna change very soon. !!

  3. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works great and creative,,