Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gearing up

I miss doing my project of the month's... so I'm restarting those.... but I think I want to do a Sewing Project of the month AND a crochet project of the month.

So starting next week, on the 1st, I'll post my supplies for the crochet project of the month, and on the 15th, I'll post the supplies for the sewing project of the month. :)

I used to do these on my former blog, before I split into my crafty and personal blogs. I have lots of projects on the go, so this helps me set deadlines for at least two projects a month (sewing project to be done by the 14th of the next month, and the crochet project by the end of the month).

I would like to try new patterns for both each month as well... but time permitting (since new baby on the way in July), I may resort to patterns I've used before, but with new selection of supplies.

Generally these projects will be for personal/family use... and not for sale... but if anyone really likes something I came up with, just let me know, and usually I could make one up for you as well.

Thanks for checking in! I know this blog has been such a boring place lately.... I keep intending to fix that, but haven't been as motivated lately.

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