Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Featured Artist

You'll have to excuse the extended absence I took from the blog. I am back now though, and plan to make this a more active blog again!

Today's featured artist is Cindy of Peacock Jewellery ( Peacock Jewellery is based out of Calgary, Alberta.

Cindy's jewellery are amazing works of art! She has a signature peacock blue colour (blurple) that unifies her shop, with many other complimentary colours that just make her shop such an appealing place to browse.

Cindy also generously donates 10% of her sales to MitoAction, a support and awareness group for mitochondrial disease (

I just recently received a bracelet that I ordered from Cindy, and it is FABULOUS! The attention to detail, and the quality of her work is immaculate.

Here is just a sampling of her work:

Paua Abalone Shell and Pearl Cluster Earrings in Blurple

Peacock Pearl and Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Aqua Blue Recycled Sea Glass Earrings in Sterling Silver

Black Lava and Czech Crystal Memory Wire Bracelet

Take some time and browse her shop. There are so many treasures to be found there.


  1. Love Cindy's work, and she's super nice too. Nice feature! Your snowman hat is so wonderful too!

  2. Thanks Rozzie and Joan! Her stuff is fantastic!

  3. You are so wonderful! Thank you for this lovely feature. I am glad you like the bracelet :)
    Check out her great shop everyone - so many colourful & inventive creations!

  4. Awesome feature! Great job. Love those Aqua Blue Earrings!

  5. Lovely work, and an attractive feature article, too!

  6. I covet black lava...might have to buy myself a present this year! Great feature!

  7. Cindy is a quality craftsperson. I have a few of her pieces from zipper pulls to a custom paua shell necklace. Lovely.